Welcome to Proximity Sense

The end-to-end iBeacon Management and Engagement Platform

Beacon Management

Proximity Sense lets you manage your iBeacon compatible beacons from the cloud, regardless of the number of beacons you own - one or ten thousand. Organise your beacons in locations and create beacon profiles for automatic parameter assignment and control.

Proximity Campaign Management

Design proximity campaigns with unprecedented level of detail. Define demographic, social and location triggers so that your messages are delivered to the right people at the right time with unrivaled relevancy.

Realtime Analytics

Observe customer engagement, foot traffic, campaign efficiency in real time - our analytics solution is giving you valuable insight into the metrics that matter.


Our RESTful API lets you integrate proximity advertising and ibeacon control into any app. Turn the apps that your users alredy own into iBeacon powered mobile engagement platforms.

Fully Managed Plans Available

We take care of the fussy bits - hardware installation, configuration and support. Spend your energy where it matters - to raise engagement and customer happiness through targeted proximity campaigns.

Tailored Enterprise Solutions

Contact us for custom applications and specific business cases. We can work with you to integrate with your existing system or help develop a brand new service.

We are currently in Public Beta

Everyone is invited - simply register to begin!